Sunday, June 21, 2009

Musical Canoes

I spent Friday playing a game of musical canoes, trading canoes from one place to another, for one purpose or another, and still I am only halfway done. I left Friday for Kingston with two boats for customers of Frontenac Outfitters, and picked up my own boat, an H20 Composites Canadian 16-6 in kevlar, as well as a carbon fibre Canadian 16-6 owned by Jeff that is in need of some repairs. They had been 'lent' to Frontenac as we simply hadn't built enough boats for them early in the season, and were now finally caught up. My red boat was dropped off at the cottage, where I picked up the 30 year old Coleman to be brought down here for repairs. I met our renters at the cottage, Jacek and Eva, who were up for just the weekend. Jacek appeared happy with the arrival of the newer lighter boat, and also seemed quite interested in the possibility of using a rowing shell at the cottage when I bring one up in a few weeks.

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