Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fixing Even More Things

So the paddleboat, nearing on 20 years or so now, hasn't had the sun cover available because the front web strap snapped a few years ago. Off to Mad Outdoors I went, and with five yards of black one inch webbing, a new strap gizmo, a cheap 'biner, and some rivts, all three straps were replaced in extremely professional fashion!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fixing Things

I spent top dollar on these Merrel sandals about three years ago, even after they were reduced forty bucks off the regular price. And what a poor design they were. The two velcro tabs at the back on each side holding the heel counter in place continually gave way, turning them into useless flip flops. So with a little help from John's pop riveting tool, and four rivets, I made them useful again.
In the previous three years of owning them, I probably wore them about 20 minutes total... After fixing, probably 20 hours, in just two days.

Typical Cottage Projects...