Saturday, April 7, 2012

The New Barbeque

The owner of the grocery store I work at recently purchased a new Weber Genesis barbeque, so me being curious, I asked him what barbeque he was replacing, and his plans. Turns out he was replacing an older Weber Genesis Silver series, which needed a couple of hundred dollars and a few hours of work restoring. An absolutely perfect cottage project barbeque.

Cooking grates, warming rack, and flavourizer bars all in need of replacing. These parts were all  steel, and I am considering replacing with stainless for better durability.

About an hour of cleaning later, the barbeque looked like this.

Lid opened, the burners are in good shape, and all debris has been cleaned out.

The control deck after a vigorous cleaning with 'Whip It' brand eucalyptus oil cleaner. The control knobs and igniters are all in excellent condtion.