Sunday, February 15, 2009

Yes, Some People Love The Place

As with any cottage, the cost of ownership and upkeep can be challanging to manage. That is one of the reasons we rent the place for those weeks we don't use it during the summer. The other reason, to be honest, is more altruistic. We love it up there, and don't think it would be fair to keep it just to ourselves, sitting empty when we are not using it. A fair number of people we know also enjoy and love the cottage nearly as much as we do! I received this email recently from a guest who rented it for a long weekend last September:

Thank you for the invitation back to a little paradise. It is truly beautiful and the perfect getaway from the hustle of everyday Toronto. The drive alone to Barry's Bay is absolutely fantastic as the fall colors had started to come through. The cottage was very comfortable, neat and tidy. It's a cozy place where you feel relaxed and at home as soon as you walk in. I wanted to thank you and Katherine again for a great weekend last fall.

Nancy G. Toronto

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